DrHow provides the best, smooth and time saving online service for the ever-growing and diverse healthcare needs of the individuals in our community.

Just visit our website at www.drhow.com.my and click “SIGN IN / REGISTER” and “REGISTER AS NEW PATIENT” if you are a patient and “REGISTER AS NEW DOCTOR” if you are a medical practitioner.

DrHow platform is open 24/7. However, it is subject to the availability of our online doctors.

Yes, 100%. Doctors registered under DrHow are all certified doctors as we personally verify all their particulars before approving them.

We take customer satisfaction seriously. So, if you have experienced poor service in DrHow, do not hesitate to send an email to support@drhow.com.my.

You can make your payment via Internet banking (FPX), Credit / Debit Cards and E-Wallets.


II. Search doctor either by name, clinic name, symptoms and or specialty. Once done click “SEARCH”. If you want a full list of doctors, just click “SEARCH”. You can also click “FIND NEARBY” to locate doctors near you in a 10KM radius. “SELECT” the doctor you wish to book.

III. Choose your consultation mode of Attend, Tele-Video, Tele-Conference or Text Messaging subject to your doctor’s mode availability.

IV. Select the date you wish to consult the doctor.

V. Choose your Priority either “ELECTIVE” or “PREMIERE”.

VI. You can also enter Patient Remark.

VII. Tick both boxes “TERMS OF USE” and “PRIVACY POLICY” and click “FINISH”.

VIII. A summary page will be shown. Check your booking details and click “CONFIRM AND PAYMENT”.

IX. You will be redirected to the payment page.

X. Choose your payment mode of Credit/Debit Card, Online Banking (FPX) or eWallet.

XI. Once completed, you will be redirected back to our site. DO NOT CLICK “REFRESH” or “BACK” BUTTON DURING PAYMENT PROCESS.

I. For appointments made on the same day, a day after or 2 days in advance, your appointment will be “AUTO REGISTERED” and an estimated waiting time will be given to you.

II. To register future appointments. Click “APPOINTMENTS”. Select the “FUTURE” tab, and click “RETRIEVE”. Your future appointments will be shown here and you can register 7 days before the date of your appointment.

III. In the event where you did not register your appointment, your appointment will be “AUTO REGISTERED” 2 days before your appointment date.

I. Yes. You can change the date up to 2 times 7 days before the date of appointment.

II. If you already “REGISTERED”, you can no longer change your date.

I. Yes. It must be made 7 days before the date of appointment.

II. If you already “REGISTERED”, you can no longer change your method.

You can refer to our Terms of Use sections 5.10 and 5.11.

In this case, you will have to contact your doctor and schedule another date.